Sara Jamal Eddin | Graduate Student

Thematic Area: Resilient Infrastructure

Program of Study: Masters of Architecture, School of Architecture + Design

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Sara Jamal Eddin is a Syrian Masters student at Virginia Tech. She graduated from University of Aleppo, where she studied architectural engineering and earned her bachelor degree. Her graduation project "Environmental Research Center" studies the using of renewable energy technologies that have a lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies. The project depends on sun and wind energy as the only source of producing electricity, was suggested to structure on the third expansion of Aleppo University area and ranked among the best projects carried out in her class.

Sara plays the Piano; she graduated from the Arabic Institute for music, Syria in 2006. Her goals include specializing in rehabilitation of historic buildings and sites as well as contributing as an essential member in the reconstructing process in Syria.

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(540) 231-8320

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